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Our hosted Customer Relationship Management system applications are a component-based product set, which has been in existence since 2010, and is currently in its 4th generation. LoyaltyPlus is parameter driven allowing for easy setup and installation of almost all Loyalty programmes.

Fast Cash Loyalty

Fast Cash Loyalty is a hosted cloud-based loyalty offering that allows SMEs to easily configure and run a customer rewards programme, without the need to invest in expensive software licenses or hardware. A cutting-edge entry level loyalty platform, with all the components usually associated with larger and more complex implementations, can now be configured and managed by low IT-skilled operators, meaning that a business owner is able to run the programme for a single, multiple store or community model without any assistance from a third party. The cloud-based shared methodology enables SMEs to benefit from economies of scale and own a functionally-rich, easy-to-operate solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional software.
This low-cost marketing alternative transforms the business owner’s ability to get to know their most valuable asset – their customer. iGainLoyalty will enable them to access crucial information on purchasing behaviour and profiling with ample standard reports, and offers exceptional add-on value with iGainLoyalty Analytics, a data interpretation tool.

Fast Cash CRM

Fast Cash CRM is the flagship CRM solution, integrating the different pillars of the LoyaltyPlus offerings which result in a robust CRM strategy. Bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales, CRM creates a sophisticated understanding of customer behavior and needs by leveraging all your customer touch points. By harnessing this technology to tailor your CRM programme, customer churn is reduced and the lifetime value of your most profitable customers is extended. CRM is a scalable, high-level, functionality rich, comprehensive suite of the following product sets, giving you the option to start small and add the additional product sets as required. CRM is embedded primarily with our core loyalty engine Loyalty, together with our customer engagement offering EngagementPlus, which enables the different customer engagement points supported by an engagement strategy which includes campaigning, document management, and a host of other engagement strategies. CRMPlus further embeds Analytics, allowing for superior customer intelligence mining, extraction, and segmentation of datasets to be used in campaigning actions. MediaPlus is a strong Social media component which allows for social media integration, gamification and social media engagement and campaigning.

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